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Skincare Tips for Mums

Friday April 24, 2015

Being a mum I understand the pressures, lack of time and demands in our everyday life.

I constantly see tired mums who try and cut back on their skin care routine.  For some they see skincare as a luxury and not a necessity. However, once they reach their fifties the lack of care results in a higher level of dehydration, lines, large pores, crows feet etc. It is then harder to turn back time.  Improving our skin routine will be an investment for maintaining youthfulness in years to come.

As they say: Be proactive rather than reactive.

5 Top tips to help mothers retain their youthful skin.

1. Always Cleanse

If not in the morning at least every night. Cleanse at night before you get too tired to prevent this process being rushed.  If you wear make-up remember to use a pre cleanser such as Cosmedix Purity Solution or Synergie Micellution. Alternatively you can double cleanse. Thorough cleansing will allow your serums and other skin products to efficiently deliver into the skin.

For more information see our blog post on cleansing

2. Wear an Eye Cream

It may seem like this is another step in your skincare routine but it takes less than a minute to apply.  Let’s remember your eyes are one of the first areas to age and dehydration means more lines.

For more information find out why we use an eye cream.

3. Always use sun protection on a daily basis

For those who think that they are never in the sun, rethink that. Driving your kids around when the sun is beaming through the car window can cause sun damage.  UV damage will age your skin.  Using a sun protection cream with a moisturiser is a great option for those busy mums.  I would highly recommend a physical sun block.  Or if you love your make up, consider a mineral make up that contains a high level of zinc such as Synergie Second Skin Crush.

4. Use a Vitamin A Serum at Night

This serum tricks your skin into thinking it’s young again as it increases you skin's renewal process.   As we age the skin renewal system slows down.  By increasing your turnover your skin will remain hydrated and the effects of pigmentation will be reduced. Dermal thickness will be restored to more youthful levels and Vitamin A will also contribute towards reducing and reversing sun damage and age spots.

Please note that this serum is not recommended for ladies that are pregnant or lactating.

More information on Vitamin A.

5. Have a Facial at least every 2 Months

That precious hour will allow a skin therapist to asses your skin. She will most likely provide skincare tips to ensure you maintain an effective skincare routine. Having a complete facial will brighten, hydrate, detoxify and help treat skin concerns. Plus a relaxing facial massage should put you in a calming zone that all mums need. You may feel like this is a luxury but it is a necessity. Remember you deserve "Time Out". For those that really have limited time a hydrating lactic acid peel will give your skin a boost in half the time. If visiting a salon on a regular basis is not an option, then ensure you treat yourself to a time out mini facial in the comfort of your own home. 

A mini facial at home can be the perfect treat for your skin in between skin treatments.  


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