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2018/2019 Christmas/New Year Deliveries

Due to public holidays over the Christmas/New Year Period please refer to the following table for delivery times of orders when items are in stock. Please note: Times shown are based on the delivery postcode being within the Australia Post Express Post next business day delivery network. We are not responsible for any unforeseen delays with Australia Post.

Domestic Australian Orders

Order Placed By 1:00PM AEDT and dispatched the same day Express Post Delivery Date*
(* provided your destination postcode is within the Australia Post Express Post next business day delivery network)
Monday 17 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT Tuesday 18 December 2018
Tuesday 18 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT Wednesday 19 December 2018
Wednesday 19 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT Thursday 20 December 2018
Thursday 20 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT delivery by Monday 24 December 2018
Friday 21 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT delivery by Thursday 27 December 2018
Monday 24 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT Thursday 27 December 2018
Thursday 27 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT Friday 28 December 2018
Friday 28 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT Monday 31 December 2018
Monday 31 December 2018 1:00PM AEDT Wednesday 2 January 2019


Aspect Lactobotanical Peel 20 and 30%
$ 80

Lactobotanical peels are the perfect peel for those who have never had a peel before, dull lifeless skin, congested skin, dehydrated skin, pigmentation and mild acne. This superficial peel provides guaranteed exceptional results every time. You will notice your skin is brighter, hydrated and glowing in half the time of a facial.

Aspect Jungle Brew Detox Peel
$ 105

No matter what your age, if you are seeing spots, excessive oiliness or clogged pores, the Jungle Brew Detox Peel will fast track your quest for pure, clear, healthy looking skin. This peel combines the powerful skin renewal action of clinical strength alpha & beta hydroxy acids which work to deep cleanse pores of those accumulated impurities and stale oils that lead to the appearance of unsightly imperfections.

The patented blend of 3 clinically proven ultra-purifying rainforest plants work deep to detoxify, calm and perfect the look of excessively oily, congested and blemish prone cosmetic concerns.

A course of 6 is recommended, one every 3 weeks.

30 minutes

Aspect Pigment Punch Peel
$ 105

Pigment Punch peels are best suited to those who are concerned about brown spots, hormonal marks and other skin discolourations. This peelis a unique breakthrough treatment to rapidly clear away the appearance of those unsightly marks. The Pigment Punch clarity peel has been carefully formulated to combine powerful skin renewal which will lift away the accumulated layers of dull, discoloured cells. As well as having a whitening and brightening action due to the Pure vitamin C and an organic herbal compound added to this peel. It is recommended to have this peel every 3 weeks in a series for best results.

30 minutes

Aspect Retinol Brulee Peel
$ 115

The Retinol Brulee peels is the ideal treatment for those with fine lines, wrinkles, dull, rough and lacklustre skin texture, visible pores, minor discolouration and muddy complexion or time damaged skin cannot but surrender to this powerful rehab program that synergizes ultra pure encapsulated bio active Retinol, milk derived L Lactic Acid, and botanical calmatives that work in tandem to deliver the most spectacular anti-ageing and skin refining results in record time.The retinol works deep through the dermal layers of the skin to encourage the production of new healthy skin cells and helps to replensish diminished levels of collagen. Your skin texture looks and feels firmer whilst fine to deeper lines and wrinkles appear softened. For ultimate results it is recommended to have this peel every 4 weeks in a series for best results.

30 mins


Cosmedix Benefit Peel
$ 115

This peel combines active microencapsulated retinol with antioxidants to resurface the skin. A must have treatment for even the most sensitive skins.

Cosmedix Purity Peel
$ 115

This detoxifying abd exfoliating peel treatment cuts through excess oil to decongest pores and clarify oily, blemish prone skin.

Featuring deep penetration Ferulic and Pyruvic Hydroxy Acids and microencapsulated Retinol Compllex to address even the most problematic skin.

Synergie Papaya Hydro-Peel *
$ 80

This treatment is an effective introduction to create a brighter and more even textured skin. This peel which contains papain enzyme and 15% lactic acid can be used as a first-time peel or for those who have sensitive skin.

This is perfect for:

  • dull or lifeless skin in need of a gentle exfoliation
  • sensitive skin
  • sun-damaged skin
  • acne and congested skin
  • ageing skin

* It can be applied after certain facial treatments for only $40 extra or as its own treatment as priced.
30 minutes ( a course of 6 is recommended)

Synergie Purifying Salicylic Peel
$ 85

With a chemical composition very closely related to Aspirin this BHA Salicylic Peel results in deep pure purification, exfoliation and potent anti-inflammatory activity.

These qualities make this peel treatment eh ideal selection for acenic and congested skin types as well as Rosacea sufferers when used at lower concentrations. Treatments are to commence at a low level to ascertain tolerance and the percentage of salicylic acid is slowly increased in subsequent peel treatments.

45 minutes

Synergie Lactic, Brightening and Hydrating Peel
$ 85

A highly active yet gentle chemical exfoliation treatment.

This peel amplifies the skin's natural moisture properties, inhibits tyrosinase production and stimulates basal cell mitosis to help achieve firmer hydrated evenly toned and glowing skin

Synergie Sal Lac (AHA/BHA) Layered Peel
$ 120

Combining the benedits of lactic and salicylic acid at specified dosage, a bespoke combination of both acids can be tailored to achieve skin corrections suitable for you.

45 minutes

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