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Is Your Skin Suffering Through The COVID19 Dilemma?

Thursday May 07, 2020

It has been quite common for skin to have been unsettled during this stay at home period. This is a problem!

Of course, stress levels can impact our skin’s health, even if we feel we are managing well. The uncertainty of this situation is enough to shake things up for us. We go into "flight or fight mode", which can cause an imbalance in our skin, whether it’s the ISO breakouts or for some, skin sensitivity.

Possible causes of Skin Instability

Protective Face Masks

The humid environment created by wearing a mask is a breeding ground for bad bacteria because sweat is not able to evaporate off the skin naturally. There is also the issue of the mask materials. Face masks can include additives such as bleaching agents, perfumes or other questionable materials added during the manufacturing process. Some people may be sensitive or even allergic to these additives and notice irritation, flaking or redness.

Lifestyle effects

As many of us work from home we have the tendency to touch our skin more frequently, drink less water, eat more snacks, have a higher consumption of alcohol and as we are spending more time in front of screens we are exposing ourselves to blue light radiation. 

The uncertainty of when life will return to normal can play on our mind and our sleep patterns can be compromised which in turn can have an adverse effect on our skin.

How can we make our skin more stable?

There is a solution!  Improve the immunity of your skin.

Recently, whilst doing a Synergie skin treatment demo for a Facebook Live video, I felt congestion under my skin. You know those little underlying lumps, so I focused on exfoliating this area. The next day the pimples came to the surface, which was a good thing as the congestion had released. My first reaction was to get rid of them ASAP, however as good practice, instead of squeezing them (which you should avoid), I adjusted my diet and skincare routine.

I prioritised my inner health by reducing my sugar intake. Therefore I refrained from having my beloved dark chocolate, biscuits and any other sweet snacks. I made sure I ate Omega 3 rich foods such as avocado’s or salmon and gave up having a glass of wine at dinnertime, which I previously had been enjoying. I even gave up my morning coffee and switched to Miss Vitality Clean Tea instead, which is a clean fresh alternative to my morning kickstart. Now I am drinking 2 -3 cups of the clean tea, throughout the day to ensure my gut health is optimal. I have also increased my water intake.

Finally, I tweaked my skincare routine in order to address the blemishes and inflammation to repair and strengthen the immunity of my skin.

Daily Skincare Tips

Weekly Skincare Tips

A few extra tips

  • Leftover product? Smooth any remaining product onto the backs of your hands to soothe and repair dry skin after all that washing and sanitising.

  • Try and get out into the sunshine of your garden or balcony, or a walk in the park during this time. Twenty minutes of early morning sun (before 9:00am) without protection will provide vital vitamin D (and lift your spirits). During the day always use sun protection.

As lockdown restrictions start lifting, let's ensure that our skin health and well-being is not compromised during this time.



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