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It's All About The Cleanse

Sunday February 10, 2019

Having a good skincare routine is important. However, did you know the most important aspect of your routine is cleansing?

It may sound pretty simple, but if you don't cleanse properly you will find serums and/or moisturisers are not delivered into the skin effectively. The sebum(oil) or dirt left on the skin will create a barrier and preventing penetration of products. You may also be prone to congestion, blackheads and pimples by not cleansing correctly.

When should you cleanse?

Cleansing should be part of your skincare routine in the morning and at night time.

Cleansing in the morning may seem overkill, however, while we sleep our skin is repairing and regenerating, which means sebum, dead skin cells and toxins are now at the surface of your skin.  Do you really want to put your active skincare on top without cleansing? Cleansing will give your skin a good surface for your serums to work effectively.

Now most of us cleanse at night, but how many of you give your skin a quick once over and it's done? It is recommended that you cleanse your skin twice. Think of it like washing your hair, the first wash gets rid of the grime and oils and the second wash makes it feel really clean and fresh.  It is the same!

Another tip is to use a damp clean face cloth to remove the cleanser and to ensure all makeup and impurities are eliminated.

Types of Cleansers

Oil or Lipid Cleansers
A gentle way to dissolve away dirty skin oil that has combined with bacteria, makeup, dead skin cells and other debris from your face and replenish it with clean, nourishing oils that help balance the skin's natural oils. Perfect to use a precleanser and a must for make-up wearers.

Recommendations: Medik8 Lipid Balance Cleansing Oil, Cosmedix Purity Solution and SpaCeuticals Bio Cleansing Oil.

Foaming Cleanser (also known as Facial Wash) 
Generally can be used on all skin types. The quick and easy solution to clean skin. Wash hands first, otherwise your cleanser may not foam up properly. It is advised that make-up wearers should use a pre-cleanse if using a facial wash first to ensure all makeup residue is removed thoroughly.

Recommendations: Synergie Ultra Cleanse, Aspect Purastat 5 and Centella Hibiscus Cleansing Gel

Milk Cleanser
Best for dry and sensitive skin as this helps maintain a good skin barrier which will prevent moisture loss. Also please note that some milk cleansers are perfect for oily and acneic skin as it keeps the oil balanced, whereas some foaming cleansers have been known to strip too much oil, making the skin unbalanced and over-stimulating the oil gland.

Recommendations: Waterlily Milk Cleanser, Medik8 Cream Cleanse, Hydraflore Cleansing Milk, Centella Cleansing Milk (Normal to Combination skin)

Powder Cleanser
Best for those who are looking for a brightening and light daily exfoliation solution. Great for those with dull devitalised skin or pigmentation concerns.

Recommendations: Medik8 Brightening Powder CleanseSynergie Cleansing Dust

Micellular Water
Is a quick easy solution for cleansing that does not require the use of water. The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin. This cleanser is perfect for after a workout and particularly good for those needing a quick cleanse before re-applying make-up.

Recommendations: Aspect Gold Micellar Water, Synergie Micellution

What to avoid

Please be aware of bad ingredients in cleansers such as sodium lauryl sulphate which has a drying effect on the skin. Also please avoid artificial colouring, perfume and mineral oil, as these are known to clog the skin and can cause irritation.

Remember: A Good Cleanse = Effective Skincare. 


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