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Adapting for Colder Climate

Monday July 11, 2016

During winter there are many of us that continue to use the same products as we did in the summer. However did you know the colder climate will leave the skin feeling drier and more sensitive?

It would be better to prepare your skin by making slight changes to protect the barrier of the skin before Winter sets in.  So during the Winter Season you should consider adjusting your skin care routine. So be proactive rather than reactive!

Once humidity drops, the cold wind hits us, the heaters are on and our skin starts to react differently.  You may experience a dehydrated skin which can result in those fine lines.  You may experience sensitivity which can impair your skins barrier.  Skin conditions such as rosacea, excema, and dermatitis can be exacerbated. If you have these conditions I recommend that you read our blog on Hydroflore. The Hydroflore skincare range is designed to help these skin types and conditions.

I always recommend that clients should consider changing their cleanser from a foam gel to a milk cleanser which will lock in moisture when cleansing in the winter months. 


I love the Waterlily Milk CleanserSynergie Biocleanse and Organic Nation Citrus Foaming Milk Cleanser.  For oilier skin types you can also use a milk cleanser targeted for oily skin such as the Centella Cleansing Milk for normal/combination skin. These cleansers are not heavy and are extremely gentle on the skin without causing blockages in the pores.

Vitamin C 

For those who use a Vitamin C L- ascorbic acid powder (Pure C) with a water based product, a great alternative for winter is an oil soluble vitamin C serum such as Aspect Extreme C or Synergie SupremaC+ and Societe Triple C Vitamin Therapy Serum.

Hydrating and Moisturising

If you’re not using a night cream then this is the time to introduce it. Even if you have an oilier skin type, using a light hydrating oil such as Synergie Destress and Medik8 Glow Oil is ideal. 

For those who suffer from very dry skin in winter try one of the following:


Exfoliate twice a week to slough off dead skin cells and to allow for deeper penetration of your products with a mechanical scrub such as Synergie Mediscrub,  or the Cosmedix Purity Solution mixed with Cosmedix Detox Scrub.

Enzyme Exfoliants are also very popular in Winter, they are gentle yet effective. For sensitive skin Aspect Fruit Enzyme mask is ideal.  For oilier and congested skin apply the Societe Superfruit Enzyme Exfoliator mask followed immedietly by Societe Deep Thermal Cleanser. Allow to activate for 10 minutes.


Give your skin a weekly hydration boost with one of the following masks:- Aspect Hydrating Mask, Synergie Masquerase , Centella Hydro Firming Macadamia Mask or SpaCeuticals Resveratrol Fx.


Let’s not forget those cracked chapped lips. My very favourite is Synergie Lip Service as it is a cosmeceutical daily lips treatment. It will protect the lips from the effects of environmental ageing, and deeply hydrate giving a fuller and more youthful lip shape and texture.  Lip service can be used as a night treatment as well as a clear lip gloss for day time use.

Just by making these small changes can make a big difference to your skin.  You will notice that your skin does not look as dry and the hydration levels are well maintained.


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