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Renew and Regenerate Your Skin with Centella

Sunday June 25, 2017

Would You Like to Renew AND Regenerate Your Skin using Certified Organic Products?

Centella Skincare range has the ability to firm, plump and hydrate your skin, to help reduce the crepey and saggy look.

Why Centella™?

Think of your skin as a protective sheath responsible for a wide range of functions. While protecting our body, your skin helps by keeping you young and youthful, by continuously producing collagen and elastin fibers. These crucial cells form the foundation of the deepest dermal layer of skin.

Unfortunately, as we age, collagen and elastin production dramatically slows down and the skin starts showing the prime effects of ageing. Combine the physical process with harsh environmental effects and your skin can be left weak, wrinkled and saggy.

The Centella™ Anti-Ageing plant based skin care line is specifically designed to fight these factors that are responsible for ageing. Worldwide clinical studies show that extracts of Centella Asiatica (the age reversal plant) resulted in stimulation of fibroblast proliferation, collagen synthesis, strengthening of blood vessels, an increase of beneficial enzymes and a reduction of inflammation.  When you use Centella™ Anti-Ageing skin care line, your skin truly heals from within.  

How does it work?

The Centella™ Firming Serum EVERLASTING and Day Cream SHEA BUTTER products work together to give your skin maximum anti-ageing benefits.  Centella is best for all skin types and compliments ageing, menopausal skin and women 35+. 

Centella™ Firming Serum EVERLASTING 

Centella Firming Serum Everlasting is an all in one firming serum which instantly improves your skin’s suppleness, tone and elasticity all while stimulating elastin fibre deep into your skin's most hard to reach layers.  

This serum:-

  • Repairs damaged cells 
  • Firms and plumps 
  • Tightens and tones 
  • Repairs collagen and elastin 

Post-menopausal skin tends to become dry and rough and collagen production comes to a stand still due to the reduced levels of oestrogen. This firming serum greatly benefits women whose skin needs a bit more TLC.

Centella™ Day Cream SHEA BUTTER 

Centella Day Cream Shea Butter is a velvety smooth and luxurious moisturiser which provides a cocktail of organic active ingredients that hydrate, repair, protect and nourish dehydrated, weak and rough skin throughout your entire day.  

It contains essential fatty acids, phytosterols and many important vitamins that complement each other to give your skin the most luxurious moisturising effect. 

By using Centella Firming Serum and Day Cream daily, you will not only help to repair the deeper layers of the skin but also protect the barrier of the skin too.

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