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Proudly Australian

Wednesday January 22, 2020

We are so proud of the Australian brands we supply at Time Out Beauty. This may sound corny, but after getting to know the formulators behind these brands, we firmly believe they really understand what Australian people need to combat our harsh environment.

Australian Skin and Body Care.

We are very particular that our choice of brands deliver the results they promise. Most of these brands also contain native ingredients which have high levels of antioxidants, that can help to prevent and restore the inevitable sun damage that so many experience.

SpaCeuticals and Waterlily

Both these ranges are formulated by Michelle Reeve in Brisbane, produced on-site in small batches to ensure the products are extremely fresh. She has attention to detail and it is apparent in her products.

Waterlily Skincare prides itself on using the finest clinical grade essential oils, botanical ingredients and omega-rich oils to improve the skin barrier and generally improve your skin health, whilst taking you on a sensory journey. A perfect starting point!

Waterlily Products

SpaCeuticals is your next step up from the Waterlily range that combines the goodness of the Waterlily products with added active cosmeceuticals to correct and regenerate the skin. SpaCeuticals utilise pure Australian ingredients such as the native finger lime in their Lime Caviar range (Lime Caviar Body Balm, Lime Caviar Body CremeLime Caviar Body Wash, Lime Caviar Sugar Smoother), to seawater in their Hydra-C Mist. Each SpaCeutical product is your topical skin nutrient!

SpaCeuticals Lime Caviar Range

Synergie Skin

Synergie Skin was one of our first skincare ranges to be stocked at Time Out Beauty back in 2011. We introduced clients to Synergie and we saw positive skin transformations, which gave us a real buzz. Our clients became so loyal to this range. Synergie offers a wide range of cosmeceutical products with innovative ingredients that address all skin concerns and make you feel truly wonderful in your skin at every age.

The video below shows the main principles of Synergie:


Synergie Minerals

Synergie Minerals is Synergie’s makeup range. We love that this range offers pure environmental skin protection. Zinc Oxide is a primary ingredient, protecting you from UVA, UVB, InfraRed and Blue Light radiation. Best of all there are no clogging ingredients and no artificial pigments.

Synergie Minerals Products

The unique HydroBlush and Eyedration range contain hydrating liposomes to reduce moisture loss, unlike other make-up brands that have a tendency to dry the skin out.
Synergie Minerals is the perfect addition to your skin health!


This Australian brand has recently updated their image and more importantly their formulations to include Australian Native ingredients. Aspects' Signature Blend include the following key ingredients:

  • Kakadu Plum
  • Davidson Plum
  • Tasman Pepper Berry
  • Lemon Myrtle

Aspect Products

With a complex of super antioxidants, bio-available vitamins and skin supporting phytonutrients. Aspect has now given their consumers the extra anti-oxidant boost to make their serums even more effective. Especially when assisting in the cosmetic management of ageing, pigmentation, sensitised, problematic and environmentally stressed skin. Plus, Aspect users can now experience a sensorial experience.

Products that contain Aspect Signature Blend include:


An Australian experience in a bottle that contains 100% Certified Organic Coconut Oil. We think of this range as bringing paradise into the bathroom. Coconut oil has so many benefits to the skin such as anti-ageing, anti-oxidants, as well as containing Vitamins A, E, K and D for their healing benefits.

Excellent for treating dry skin and Excema, due to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


Their Body range contains an abundance of nutrient-rich, potent fruit, nut and certified organic ingredients to give you super-smooth nourished skin. There is nothing artificial about this range and it meets in line with environmental awareness demands, plus it’s vegan free. 

Don't forget Hair Care


bhave is as passionate about hair health as we are about skin health. As skincare experts what we love most about this range is that it will not compromise your skin. So many times, when clients have compromised skin, it is exacerbated by haircare that is highly perfumed, contains sulphates, has artificial colouring and full of chemicals.

bhave compliments the skin, nourishes and strengthens your hair thanks to the unique ingredient bio-keratin. It’s a brand we use, trust and highly recommend.

A Healthy gut = Healthy Skin

Miss Vitality

The missing link to vital skin health. As most of us are aware, impurities, problematic skin and inflammation is a reflection of what is going on in our gut. While many of you may take supplements, we have to ask ourselves how much goodness is really being absorbed? Is our gut really in the right condition to absorb the right nutrients?

Miss Vitality brand

Miss Vitality formulated by naturopath Pamella Zakostelsky focuses in firstly, getting your gut in the right state to absorb supplements by creating an alkalinised environment rather an over-acidic problematic gut by using her products such Clean Tea and Elevate. Then secondly introducing supplements such as Curcumin Forte, Good Oil and Coenzyme Q10 to help treat and improve your skin health from within. Your skin immunity will be boosted and you will be far less likely to be prone to breakouts. These products complete the holistic approach to healthy happy skin.

We are so lucky to stock amazing products formulated by amazing Australian people, that can take us on a journey to the longevity of beautiful healthy skin.


Time Out Beauty is a specialist cosmeceutical and botanical skincare online store. We stock a wide range of products with free delivery available. We have a Reward Money loyalty program for return buyers. Our brands include Medik8, Synergie Minerals, Waterlily, Societe, Skin Medica, LashesMD, Aspect, Teen Aspect, Colorescience and Cosmedix.

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