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Don't be Scared to Use a Mask

Thursday October 31, 2019

It is very common that a mask is left out of a skincare routine. 

If you want to help treat or maintain your skin, a mask is very beneficial. When a skin or beauty therapist uses a mask on a client, their aim is to provide optimum results to the skin. A facial wouldn't be complete without one.

By using a mask at home on a weekly basis you will continue to replenish and treat your skin in-between facials.  If you are time-poor and unable to visit a beauty salon or skincare clinic on a regular basis, then a mask may be your answer for self-treating your skin.  

There are many different masks for different skin types.  It is important to determine what your skin type is. Masks are designed to moisturise, detoxify, increase circulation, calm and replenish nutrients.

As a therapist there are occasions that I use two masks on the skin at one time especially those with combination skin; we call this Mask Zoning.  I would use a drawing and more detoxifying mask on the T-zone and a hydrating/moisturising mask on the cheek, eye and neck area.  If you are someone with this type of skin, I highly recommend you do the same.

How to use a Mask

A mask should be applied once or twice each week.

The best way to use a homecare mask is after cleansing and exfoliating (if you’re not using an exfoliating mask). Your skin will now be prepped and your skin is ready to absorb the maximum benefits from your mask. 

Applying Regular Mask
Apply the mask evenly to the whole face, avoid getting too close to the eye area. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes or as directed and then remove with a damp warm face cloth.

Applying Sheet Mask
To apply a sheet mask, lie on your bed, propping yourself up with pillows and apply the mask, ensuring there are no air pockets. After 15-20 minutes remove the mask and massage into the skin any excess residue.

Post-Mask application
After applying a mask apply your serums followed by your eye cream and moisturiser.

Mask Products

At Time Out Beauty we have many different masks that effectively treat the skin. 

For acne and oily conditions:

Centella Camphor Mask
This stimulates lymphatic system, is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and helps with the elimination of impurities.

Cosmedix Clear Clarifying Mask
Clear Clarifying mask with its carefully selected ingredients, assists in drawing out impurities while keeping the skin soothed and calm. The result is a clear, radiant, glowing complexion.

Synergie Detox-AntiOx Mask
Purifying detox mask with pore refining bentonite. A weekly treatment for problem skin. The ultimate deep cleansing treatment for skin exhibiting pore congestion and toxic build-up.

Rosacea or Sensitive Skin:

Synergie Masquerase Anti-ageing Mask
This is a powerful treatment mask containing a proprietary blend of marine and botanical actives designed to address environmental free radical damage, fine lines, dehydration and irritation.

Hydroflore Soothing Mask
New alloy of moisturisers and efficient actives, this soothing care will please sensitive skin.
A skin hydrated and soft: virgin oils of Jojoba, Wheat germ and Sweet Almond have traditionally been used for their nourishing and soothing properties. A real cocktail of well-being completed by hyaluronic acid, plumping, and vegetal glycerin.

Société Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask
Using a unique formulation of peptides, plant-based stem cells and great anti-aging ingredients, which help skin rejuvenation, these Peptide Gel Sheets incorporate an innovative technology called TCD (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery), which ensures that their key ingredients are activated by skin temperature. Additionally, it rapidly minimizes dehydrated and sensitive skin and improves the skin’s self-moisturizing ability. These cooling masks leave skin smooth and moisturised – by promoting elasticity – and protects it from harmful environmental agents.

Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Mask
Considered the gold-standard in sheet mask materials, bio-cellulose creates an impenetrable veil to lock in moisture tight; deeply infusing the lightweight serum into the skin. Relax while marine algae and natural zinc help calm and soften skin, leaving your complexion looking supple, dewy and completely refreshed. Perfect for rejuvenating skin whenever you are in need of recovery, after professional treatments such as microneedling and microdermabrasion or when you just need some TLC after a long week.

Dry and Dehydrated skin:

SpaCeuticals Heptapeptide-7 Recovery Masque
A professional strength treatment masque to activate and intensify in-clinic results. Layered with clinical concentrations of smart peptide, Heptapeptide-7 and L-carnosine to activate epidermal growth factors stimulating collagen production, hyaluronic acid regulation and wound healing factors.

Aspect Hydrating Mask
A blend of hydrating agents and antioxidants designed to protect against free radicals, whilst fighting against the visible signs of ageing skin. 

Synergie Masquerase Anti-ageing Mask
This is a powerful treatment mask containing a proprietary blend of marine and botanical actives designed to address environmental free radical damage, fine lines, dehydration and irritation.

Exfoliating Mask:

Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask
A potent antioxidant-rich fruit enzyme mask designed to eliminate dead skin buildup and dissolve excessively peeling skin after salon peels.

Cosmedix Pure Enzymes
This gentle exfoliating mask harnesses the natural power of Cranberry enzymes and chirally correct L-Lactic Acid. For a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Mask Duos:

Make sure you check out our Mask Zoning duos, designed for combination skins.

Regular use of a Mask will ensure your skin health can be at an optimal level. Try one and see how your skin can glow!


Time Out Beauty is a specialist cosmeceutical and botanical skincare online store. We stock a wide range of products with free delivery available. We have a Reward Money loyalty program for return buyers. Our brands include Medik8, Synergie Minerals, Waterlily, Societe, Skin Medica, LashesMD, Aspect, Teen Aspect, Colorescience and Cosmedix.

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