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Does eating too much sugar cause ageing?

Thursday September 07, 2017

Recently I was giving a consultation to a 68 year old woman who is ageing well except for lines on her upper lip and chin area.  She was not a smoker, however, I detected she might be experiencing Glycation. So I asked her if she has a sweet tooth? She answered yes!

We all know that by curbing our sweet cravings, we in turn, help to improve our overall health in general, but most people don’t know about a process called Glycation. This process is one where the sugar from our bloodstream attaches to proteins to form damaging molecules called advanced glycation products or AGEs.

The more sugar we eat, the more AGEs we get.

This can create harmful effects on our skin, directly affecting our collagen and elastin. This leaves a progressed ageing effect and a prune-like appearance to the skin. It can be difficult to treat, but much easier if we prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Typical signs of Glycation

Typical Signs of Glycation

Preventing Glycation

Once you show signs of glycation it is very difficult to reverse. Prevention is key.

1. Monitor your diet

  • Lowering Refined Sugars
  • Increasing Antioxidants in your diets- spinach, green tea, dark chocolate, berries
  • Having a green drink such as Miss Vitality Elevate.
  • Lowering Omega 6’s and increasing Omega 3’s.

2. Use skincare with antioxidants, SPF and EPF (Environmental Protection Factor)

Use Antioxidant serums and creams:

Antioxidants + Sun protection include:

3. Use MMP inhibitors- in order to help rejuvenation and prevent glycation, we need to reduce MMP production. 

MMP’s (matrix metalloproteases) increase as we age which encourages collagen and elastin to breakdown and reduces the secretion of hyaluronic acid (reducing water content in our skin). Levels of MMP’s are also increased when we experience inflammation, irritation, too much sun exposure and environmental stress.  Therefore, we need to lower MMP’s levels to what is seen in young adults to provide optimal skin rejuvenation.

Société Intense Firming Complex is designed with peptides that help reduce the levels of MMP’s.  By the way, the sun also increases MMP production too.

Synergie SuperSerum contains a Collagen enhancement complex peptide. This is an innovative biomimetic complex that addresses collagen on three levels. It increases collagen production, reduces collagen breakdown (by inhibiting the production of MMPs) and reorganises collagen fibres.  This complex has also proved to inhibit glycation, avoiding the formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), and protecting skin from the loss of elasticity.

It is interesting to see that too much sugar in our diet can affect us in many ways but many of us do not realise the effect it has on our skin. 


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