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Combat Problematic Skin by Improving Gut Health

Wednesday March 07, 2018

There are plenty of us that have problematic skin, whether it be acne, dermatitis or rosacea. Our instant reaction is to buy topical solutions such as serums, cleansers, vitamin A or basically anything to treat the problem.  In some cases, one has tried everything and the problem is just not going away. The realisation is that problematic skin can be a reflection of gut issues.

The link between the gut and skin conditions

The gut can affect everything in the body and there is a scientific link to inflammatory skin conditions.

For example, conditions such as Rosacea are due to the immune system within the gut activating an immune response that triggers an inflammatory reaction that can occur in the skin via blood circulation. Leaky gut is a common problem where absorption is lacking certain nutrients and toxins are also present.  These toxins limit the uptake of precious nutrients needed for the body and skin to be at optimal health.  Cleaning up the gut area and supporting gut health allows for the absorption of the right sort of nutrients, which in turn reduce inflammatory skin conditions.

How can we improve our gut health?

Our gut controls our mood, our hormone production and our behaviour. This is why introducing the appropriate complementary medicines can strengthen, heal and support this vital organ that has so much responsibility.  

Taking skin nutrients daily can help cellular change to these imbalances we are experiencing.

Pam Zakostelsky, nutritionist and formulator of Miss Vitality says:
“Absorption of a large amount of nutrients happens in the gut and research suggests that a well-functioning gut is the core to good healthy skin”

By helping the gut area, you are enhancing the ability of your topical treatments.

Where do we go from here?

Firstly, you should increase your water intake to 8 glasses a day. If that proves difficult then add fruit to your water such as lemons, oranges, strawberries, mint etc. This will help flush out the toxins in your body.

Secondly, you need to focus on adding corrective nutrients to the gut in order to rebalance it and allow for better absorption of vitamins and minerals.  There is no point taking vitamin supplements if they are not being absorbed correctly.

Products Formulated To Improve Gut Health

Time Out Beauty stocks various products to help improve gut health. These products can be used in conjunction with one another or used separately.

Miss Vitality Elevate is an all-in-one whole food multivitamin. This superfood formula is fortified with essential phytonutrients, containing vitamins and minerals to assist the body’s maximum uptake of readily available nutrients, through easy absorption. This easy to dispense powder can be added to coconut water or your daily smoothie.

Miss Vitality Clean Tea is a blend of detoxifying plants to purify the body and enliven the skin. It is rich in antioxidants to strengthen immunity, cleanse and aid digestion. Clean Tea is a therapeutic herbal infusion that is caffeine and sugar-free. It has organic, certified ingredients, designed to boost nutrients throughout the day and support proper digestion.

Centella Seaweed Distillate - Weightloss and Wellbeing Tonic.
For those wanting to combine detox with weight loss look no further than the Centella Seaweed Distillate.  It is rich in minerals, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium and contains high levels of folic acid. A tonic full of natural healthy goodness, not only gives you more energy but also fights bad bacteria that lies within your stomach. Centella Seaweed Distillate will also help to detoxify and flush toxins resulting in clearer skin. Additional benefits include reducing cellulite, helping speeding up metabolism and assisting in the reduction of sugar cravings. An easy to drink solution, just break one ampoule into at least 1.5 litres of water and sip throughout the day.

After at least two weeks of detoxifying the gut, you will be ready to add the skin nutrients. For example one the Miss Vitality range. As the gut has been detoxified, nutrients are now able to be absorbed effectively which allows you to achieve the optimum results expected from your supplement. 

Not only will you have a healthier gut but your skin condition will start to diminish and any topical skincare used will have a higher chance of repairing and treating the skin.


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