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Are Toners a Thing of the Past?

Tuesday March 01, 2016

Should Toners still be used in our skincare routine today?

I remember around 20 years ago we were encouraged to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.  If you followed these three steps you were considered to have a good skincare regime. In those days’ women seemed to take pride in having a fully made-up face before stepping out the house.  As fashion makeup back then was generally heavier, removing it with a normal cleanser was not sufficient. The alcohol toner made the skin squeaky clean after cleansing and removed the excess make-up residue.  What many skins experienced with an alcohol toner is dryness, dehydration and sensitivity.  Which is why a moisturiser was essential to complete the skincare routine.

Moving forward to today, our make-up is not as heavy and so many of us wear mineral make-up that is easy to remove. Cleansers are also formulated differently too and have the ability to sufficiently remove make-up or everyday debris without needing a toner. Today many cleansers are water-based.  For those who do like the heavier/evening make-up, precleansers are popular choice to emulsify the make-up before using a cleanser.

Examples of Pre-cleanse solutions include Synergie Micellution and Cosmedix Purity Solution, both of which are an amazing way to ensure that the cleansing process is gentle yet very effective.

Therefore, the answer to the question is NO toners are not needed as part of our skincare routine to help cleanse our skin.

Why does Time Out Beauty sell Toners?

We do not stock the classic toner. The toners/lotions that we supply are not necessarily used to remove excess make-up or dirt from the skin. That is the cleansers' job. The toners we stock hydrate, give a boost of antioxidants or have active ingredients that are corrective for specific skin conditions.

Hydrating Toners

These toners benefits those who: 

  • Feel tight or dehydrated after cleansing
  • Frequent air travellers
  • Need cooling down after exercise.
  • Work in air-conditioning.
  • Make-up users.

It is more advantageous to use a hydrating toner rather than splashing water on the face which may cause water loss in the skin. Hydrating toners can increase hydration and prevent water loss. This is why they are so beneficial in environments where one experiences dehydration.  As hydrating toners are in the form of a light mist or spritz, they are also wonderful for setting make-up to create a longer lasting look.

These products include:

Antioxidant Toners/Lotions

For skins that are sundamaged, concerned with ageing, pigmentation and post acne clients the anti-oxidant toners are the perfect way to help reverse free radical damage.  Spritzing this type of lotion to your skin should promote healing, brightening, reduce sensitivity, plump and increase firmness to the skin.

These products include:

Corrective Solutions/toners

These tend to be quite specific for individual needs, therefore listed below are solutions for common skin complaints.

Treating Redness
Centella Hungary's Royal Water Lotion: All skin types especially for treating redness, sensitive and problematic skin. The combination of Centella and magnesium successfully helps reduce redness as well as fighting skin disease such as Acne.

Open/Clogged Pores, Problematic and Oily skin
Cosmedix Purity Balance: An exfoliating toner that is designed to unclog pores, degrease the skin and reduce pore size. With key ingredients including lactic and salicylic acid it is a fabulous degreaser and perfect for men who suffer from ingrown hairs.

Societe Clarifying Prep Solution is perfect for those who experience oily and congested skin.  It boosts the skin with corrective ingredients such as Vitamin A and C, plant extracts and Salicylic Acid.

Synergie EvaPore-8 is an amazing substitute for those who prefer to degrease and reduce pore size without the use of exfoliating ingredients.  It is also perfect for reactive skins.

Combined Anitoxidant and Exfoliating Toners
SkinMedica Rejuvenative Toner: an exfoliating toner that will also give your skin a burst of antioxidants.  This highly effective toner is not recommended for sensitive and reactive skin but perfect for sundamage, pigmented, thickened and oily skin.

As you can see there are many toners to choose from. Which one is right for you would depend on what results you want to achieve. Whether it be hydration, correcting a skin condition or a boost of antioxidants, we can be rest assured that today’s toners will not strip our skin of our own natural oils.


Time Out Beauty is a specialist cosmeceutical and botanical skincare online store. We stock a wide range of products with free delivery available. We have a Reward Money loyalty program for return buyers. Our brands include Medik8, Synergie Minerals, Waterlily, Societe, Skin Medica, LashesMD, Aspect, Teen Aspect, Colorescience and Cosmedix.

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